Welcome to the world of Victor, a world of development and discovery for toddlers. Games, a gallery, coloring, songs, and lots of activities allowing any child to develop an imagination and learn while having fun! 
A website specially designed to make children ages 2-4 familiar with multimedia while discovering nature and animals.


NEW ! Kids Fun, more than 70 games and activities to play, create, observe, learn and have fun while discovering nature and its animals. For iPad and iPhone.

Puzzles, matching, coloring, memory, hide-and-seek, dot-to-dot, spot the differences, stickers, mixed animals and a sound picture book… More than 70 activities and numerous surprises that will give your children hours and hours of fun, entertainment and discovery time!

The application contains no word and can be used by everyone all over the world. Its interface is intuitive and especially designed for young children. No need for explanations, just play! [more]

  The world of Victor on iPad  


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Have fun with Victor, a toddler on the move.
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