Broken Garage Door Springs – Warning Signs and Steps to Take

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A broken garage door spring can be a significant problem that compromises the safety and functionality of your garage door. Identifying the warning signs and taking prompt action is crucial to avoid further damage and ensure the security of your property. In this informative guide, we’ll discuss the warning signs of broken garage door springs and provide you with the necessary steps to address the issue effectively.

garage door spring repair Poquoson

Warning Signs of Broken Garage Door Springs

Difficulty in Opening or Closing

If you notice that your garage door is suddenly becoming heavier and more challenging to open or close, it could be an indication of a broken spring. The loss of tension in the springs can cause the door to become unbalanced and require additional effort to operate.

Uneven Garage Door

Take a moment to observe your garage door’s alignment. A clear sign of a broken spring is an uneven door, where one side appears higher than the other. This imbalance occurs because the broken spring can no longer support the weight of the door evenly.

Loud Bang or Snap

When a garage door spring breaks, it often produces a loud bang or snap sound. If you hear this sudden noise while operating your garage door, it’s essential to inspect the springs for damage immediately.

Steps to Take for Broken Garage Door Springs

Avoid Operating the Door

If you suspect a broken spring, refrain from operating the garage door manually or with the opener. Continuing to use a door with a broken spring can cause further damage and pose safety risks.

Call a Professional

Repairing or replacing garage door springs is a complex task that requires specialized knowledge and tools. It’s highly recommended to seek the assistance of a professional garage door technician. In Poquoson, Integrity Garage Door Repair offers reliable garage door spring repair services. Our experienced technicians can assess the extent of the damage, replace the broken springs, and ensure the safe operation of your garage door.

Prioritize Safety

While awaiting professional assistance, it’s crucial to prioritize safety. Keep family members and pets away from the garage area and refrain from attempting any DIY repairs. Garage door springs are under high tension and can cause severe injuries if mishandled.

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