Understanding the Mechanics Behind Garage Door Springs

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Garage door springs play a crucial role in the smooth operation of garage doors in Yorktown, NY and beyond. These springs are under constant tension and stress, making them prone to breaking over time. Understanding how garage door springs work can help homeowners better maintain and repair them when issues arise.

garage door spring repair Yorktown

Torsion Springs Lift the Door

The vast majority of residential garage doors use a torsion spring system consisting of metal springs coiled around a metal shaft. As the door opens and closes, these garage door springs twist and release to easily lift even heavy doors. Over 10,000 cycles of opening and closing can wear torsion springs down faster than other components. Knowing when springs are nearing the end of their lifespan prevents accidents.

Extension Springs Help Balance the Door

Some older garage door models use an extension spring system with coiled springs running parallel to the sides of the door. These springs help balance and support the weight of the door during opening and closing cycles. Extension springs are under less tension than torsion springs but still require safety precautions when replacing.

Safety Tips for Spring Repairs

Only qualified professionals should repair or replace garage door springs, as the high tension can cause serious injury. Springs should be replaced in pairs for proper counterbalance. Safety cables or braces should support any door before removing springs to prevent possible fall injuries. Proper lubrication of moving parts extends spring lifespan.

In summary, understanding how garage door springs function and recognizing signs of wear empowers homeowners to properly maintain and repair them safely. Replacing springs in pairs by a pro maximizes safety and performance.


What are signs that garage door springs need replacement?

Common signs include doors that are difficult to open/close, an uneven movement, springs that are stretched out, or broken wires on extension springs. It’s best to replace both springs at once for proper balance.

How much does garage door spring replacement typically cost?

Expect to pay $200-400 for standard torsion spring replacement installed. This does not include the price of springs. Larger doors or extension springs may range $300-600. Reputable companies provide free estimates. Regular maintenance prevents more expensive repairs down the road.

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