5 Tips to Help You Enjoy Your UK Holiday Safely

5 Tips to Help You Enjoy Your UK Holiday Safely

Many people will be planning day trips and breaks around the UK as more tourist attractions reopen.

While some travel to unearth hidden gems, others stay local to discover what’s closest to home.

You will find some simple advice in this blog to help you enjoy summer safely.

5 Tips to Help You Enjoy Your UK Holiday Safely

1. Know before you go

Make sure you check that the places you want to visit are open and have any additional measures in place before you travel – these could range from beaches to visitor attractions to toilets and car parks. You can find some useful tips on planning your trip on Visit England.

Before you depart, make sure you check the guidance for the country you are visiting – whether it is England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

Organize any prescription medicines you’ll need during your trip, says Sofia Hamberg of Flightradar UK.

2. Follow advice on social distancing

Stay at least 2 metres away from people outside your household at all times, with mitigations if necessary – this applies to walking, running, cycling, sitting and sunbathing.

Plan ahead to avoid travelling by public transport at peak times (walk or cycle to avoid crowded spaces). Some attractions may be extremely popular, so why not discover a hidden gem?

3. Wash your hands regularly

If you’re out and about without access to a hand washing facility, take some hand sanitizer with you.

4. Check guidance on face coverings

You should know where you need to wear a face covering (different regulations apply in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland).

If possible, ensure you have the face coverings you need before you travel. Advice is available online about how to make a cloth face covering. If you use disposable face coverings, ensure you dispose of them safely, says Sean Philips of Ship Tracking.

  1. Enjoy green spaces safely

Check online advice on visiting green spaces safely and following the Countryside Code before exploring our parks, gardens, or other rural retreats.

Lastly, if you or anyone you live with feels unwell with COVID-19 symptoms, stay home and get tested, says Jeremiah Erasga of Flightradar Online.

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